Micropayments using cryptocurrency

  • Change Bitcoin and Ethereum to Euro and Swiss Francs
  • Use Bitcoin and Ethereum to pay bills in Euro and Swiss Francs.
  • Send Euro and Swiss Francs to any IBAN Bank account
  • Add as many Bank accounts as you like

Why 4cash?

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Withdraw or send to any IBAN account

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3% All-in, no hidden fees

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Fast transaction, same or next working day

Mobile crypto wallet

Multi cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. Keep, send, receive, convert, buy, sell your coins right on your smartphone. Convert cryptocurrencies to 28 FIAT currencies right in the wallet. Withdraw your funds to your Bank account, credit card or crypto wallet. Financial Freedom for all.


Getting started with 4cash.io

You can easily convert your Bitcoin & Ethereum to Euro and Swiss Francs.
Watch our video and get started:
- Signup with your mobile phone number
- Add one or more IBAN bank accounts
- Ready to make your first payment using cryptocurrency in section “Service” click “Crypto to EUR” or “Crypto to CHF”
- Enter the amount in Euro or Swiss Francs you like to send. All-in rates are calculated simultaneous
- Enter the public address of your sending wallet, choose the receiving IBAN Bank account and if wished add a payment reference. Press “Next”
- On the next screen the transaction wallet address appears. Please send the displayed amount of cryptocurrency by scanning the QR-code. If no camera accessible copy-paste the transaction wallet address into your personal cryptocurrency wallet to send the displayed amount of cryptocurrency
- In any event, please choose the transaction fee wisely on top of the transaction. Normally your wallet does automatically calculate, show and add the fee. We recommend to set “high” for your transaction to avoid a delay
- You have a time countdown to send the displayed amount to the transaction wallet address. Press “Done”
- If you do not complete sending within the provided time frame, then you will have to repeat the process once again and may be provided with a varied exchange rate
- If no cryptocurrency has been sent your order will be automatically canceled. In order to avoid any delays, do send cryptocurrency directly from your wallet (and not from an exchange platform) - When your cryptocurrency transaction is confirmed the Euro or Swiss Franc payment is transferred to the submitted receiving IBAN Bank account.
It is as simple as that to make a payment using cryptocurrency!

Fee, Exchange Rate & Payment Status

- 3% all-in, no hidden fees. Amounts indicated in Euros & in Swiss Francs are final amounts, Swiss taxes included. However, some old-fashioned receiving banks may charge a transaction or foreign exchange fee

-The cryptocurrency rates are sourced by taking the rate of the respective cryptocurrency from several different exchanges and calculating an average

- The exchange rate is determined after you have placed your sell order and clicked on “Next”. A payment window opens with a countdown telling you the time you have left to complete sending of cryptocurrency

- In section “Report” you can see all payments and track your payment status

- Click in the section “Report” on your order. If status “Executed” you can print